What is the Body Bible?

Body Bible…

The body bible is a movement: to create or become the best gymnast you possibly can, to find a new passion in something you never imagined, to set new goals and achieve new heights. Whether, like myself, you found the love for gymnastics at a very young age, or you’re just a little intrigued about the benefits that this style of training can have for your body and strength, we plan to cater to each individual in helping them achieve their goals.

The body bible is aimed at becoming the best version of yourself, every single day.

There are three membership choices to make to ensure that you get the package that is most suited to you and your needs.

  • HANDSTAND Mastery
  • MUSCLE UP Mastery
  • PLANCHE Mastery
  • GYMNASTICS Specific 
  • MINDSET of an Olympian

Handstand Mastery.

From beginner to master. Broken down step by step, a 12 week programme outlining with greatest development exercises for learning & mastering your handstand. No equipment needed, no experience needed & designed for Every age & ability…

Muscle up Mastery.

The most popular & challenging body weight skill to master. Body Bible’s muscle up programme believes to be the greatest out there, with creative exercises never before seen. Very clear progressions from the complete beginners to ultimate strength. Perfect for Gymnasts, Cross-fitters Calisthenic trainers & anyone who’s into functional style performance…

Planche Mastery

The coolest & most impressive looking strength skill! Our Planche programme again has awesome progressions, accessory exercises & is broken down so well for fast and safe results. Additional to handstand & muscle up, Planche is one of body bibles core movements that is almost guaranteed to transform your body & performance.


Another impressive functional gymnastics style skill! Build your Core strength to new heights & master master these popular impressive skills!

Gymnastic Specific

Want to know my best tips and exercises for all the gymnastics moves out there? Then look no further! Be the first to hear my secrets to winning European, World and Olympic medals as I reveal my expertise on the fundamentals up to the hardest moves in gymnastics

Flexibility and Mobility

Can’t touch your toes or constantly struggling with a pulled hamstring? The Body Bible flexibility and mobility guide has break downs specific for each body part. Whether you’re as stiff as a board, or you’re a gymnast wanting to gain a little more flexibility, our exercises range from very beginner to hardcore flexibility. Game changer not just in gymnastics, but in performance of all sports

Mindset of an Olympian

It takes lots of mental toughness to reach the top or take your performance to the next level… Learn from the professionals & their mental secrets that took them to incredible success!

Nutrition Tips

Because we all know that how we fuel our body is key for our performance. My nutrition tips aim to help you achieve your goals healthily, but also realistically, and get the best out of your training