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This program is easy to fit in around other commitments

“I started 4 week shred in hope to gain a different fitness to running and build some mobility and flexibility also.  Since doing the 4 week shred along with the morning mobility and the core challenge I have drop a dress size, lost weight and also lost some of the issues around my stomach area.  […]

I looked into Nile’s programmes and became inspired.

“I am usually a runner, but a couple of years ago I looked into Nile’s programmes and became inspired. I have used handstand programme and other advices, and I have reached a strength level that I haven’t had since I was in my twenties, some 30 years ago. I balance my running with more upper […]

I was really happy with the results I achieved!

“I was doing the 4 weeks shred 2.0 during lockdown. I had previously done the original 4 week shred and knew they were great programmes so it felt like a good challenge to get us through the boredom of staying at home. Nile and Tom make the workouts entertaining and enjoyable, it gave me and […]

Getting Body Bible has changed my view of fitness

I’m Lauren, I’m from Texas and this is my journey so far. So my fitness and health journey began at the beginning of the year. I had a really large goal and still do. My goal is to lose 100 pounds. And it was slow going at first. Nothing I did at the gym was […]

The 4 Week Shred program offered by Nile and the body bible crew is a killer

“The 4 Week Shred program offered by Nile and the body bible crew is a killer. Totally unique movements that I have never done before and definitely struggled with at the beginning. Slowly but surely getting better at every one of these functional movements and gaining an all around better foundational strength for continuing these […]

Helped me to lose 12 kgs and I’m still counting! :-)

“I am really grateful for your workouts and positive emails. Both helped me to lose 12 kgs and I’m still counting! 🙂 I love that the workout is for beginners as well as for more advanced ones and it’s still challenging. I started as a wimp but after a month of Shred 3.0 I could […]

Helped me to get fit and keep healthy

“I really loved the 4-week shred programme, as someone who doesn’t really like playing sorts or exercising that much, it’s really helped me to get fit and keep healthy. The whole experience was so great and encouraging.”  

Performance has improved dramatically

“I first heard about BodyBible when watching Nile’s YouTube channel. Since then, I’ve used both the 4 Week Shred 2.0 and 3.0 plans. As a runner, my performance has improved dramatically as a result of the BodyBible programs. Over the course of two months I took 5 seconds off my PB’s in middle distance events; […]

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